checkedWe will do our best
to your satisfaction
hospitality of the staff and
the comfort of the hotel "GUEST HOUSE FIRUZ".


calenderIf desired, reserve
room in our hotel
please contact the Administration.


coffeeWe also have a national hotel
(Tajik) kitchen. Rabotaets 8:00 to 20:00.
Serves gourmet Tajik cuisine.


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The main sign that the company is developing, is conducting various seminars, meetings and conferences. The main task of the participants in these events - good material to prepare for the show. In this case, a lot of energy can take the organization of the conference. Therefore, we are happy to help you!
Conference - it's not just discuss any issues. It is also an event that requires rest. Therefore, we will gladly help you to organize a break naprmer, in the form of a coffee break. If you need to the table, we'll talk to you in advance what meals and snacks need to attend.

konf zal konf zal1

The main purpose of any conference is communication. This result depends on many components, it can affect a lot of small things. Our goal is not to miss a single detail, creating a favorable atmosphere for dialogue, reflection, in order to help you relax and enjoy the brainstorming.


infoThe restaurant and bar of the hotel is locatedon the first floor zdaniya.Rabotaet clock.The restaurant serves a large selection of Orientaland European cuisine.

Restaurant Room service

infoExpress service restaurant service
in the rooms, you can order any dish from the restaurant menu.
Special service from 12.00 to 23.00 order room service meals and
drinks from the restaurant of the hotel (with a 5% surcharge for delivery to the room).


infoDuring their stay at the hotel you can use
located in room mini-bar. Payment drinks
and products that you use,
will make every day count. On the day of departure from
Hotel Please do not forget to inform
administrator of foods and beverages made ​​from the mini-bar.